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Vehicle Batteries


Batteries & Lights is easily the most important features for any vehicle.

A car battery (also known as an automotive battery) is a rechargeable battery that helps start up any vehicle. It stores and provides power to the the vehicles electrical system.

Types of Batteries

Starting, Lighting, and Ignition Batteries

With these batteries, it has a very short charge cycle, meaning you would not have to charge it as often. With this battery, it powers electronics such as the infotainment system and the interior and exterior lights.

Lead-Acid Batteries

With these types of batteries, they cannot be serviced, but will need to be replaced if it runs into a problem. They work in short bursts to help provide power towards the starter motors and are known to be the batteries that require the least amount of maintenance.

Lithium-lon (Li-ion) Batteries

The most incompatible battery out of all the batteries listed above. These types of batteries are located on electric and hybrid cars and holds more charge than a lead-acid and starting, light, and ignition battery. This battery is known to have a life span of 3-4 years and do not weigh as heavy.

What are some common car battery problems?

    1. Car will not start up
    2. Signs of a bad alternator
    3. Damaged battery (damage to the battery case)
    4. Broken internal connections
    5. Low electrolyte at a fluid level
    6. Engine sounds sluggish

Types of car lights

    1. Headlights
    2. Tail lights
    3. Driving lamps
    4. Brake lights
    5. Hazard lights
    6. Fog lights
    7. Daytime running lights
    8. Signal lights

What are some common car light problems?

    1. A bad or lose light bulb
    2. A failed switch
    3. Bad ground with the lighting
    4. Corrosion needs cleaning
    5. Electrical shortage