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auto brake repair

Vehicles are made of many important parts and components, out of all the parts, your car brakes are one of the most important.
Brake is used for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle. Your car features two front brakes and two rear brakes.
Most cars use the disc and drum brake assemblies in their brake systems.
The brake mechanics work by a master cylinder transmitting hydraulic pressure (brake fluid) to the slave cylinder when the brake pedal is pressed.
By applying pressure to the brake pedal, in return it depresses the piston in the master cylinder, forcing brake fluid along the high-pressure pipe.
Brake fluid travels to slave cylinders at each wheel and fills them, forcing pistons out to apply the brakes to the discs or drum on the wheels.

Types of brakes



Disc brakes are the most common type of brakes. They are made up of a disc brake rotor, calliper, and brake pads. When pressure is applied through a hydraulic system, the brake pads are pushed against the brake rotor, which causes the car to stop.

drum brakes


Drum brakes are still used, but not as commonly. The main parts of a drum brake system are the brake drum, brake shoes, wheel cylinder and brake springs.

Common Signs to have your brakes checked.

    • Grinding or squealing sounds when you press the brake pedal.
    • Car takes longer than usual to stop.
    • Brake pedal being too hard or soft to press.
    • Low brake fluid
    • Car pulling to one side when you brake.
    • Steering wheel shaking while braking.
    • Warning light illuminating on dash.