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EFI Fuel Injection

EFI, also known as Electronic Fuel Injection, injects fuel straight into the engine’s manifold or cylinder which uses electronic controls to process.  Electronic Fuel Injections are great for easier start-up for any vehicle, wherever it is a hot or cold day an electronic fuel injection will work smoothly! It also comes with better fuel efficiency alongside more consistent power for your vehicle.

Types of Fuel Injections

Multiport fuel Injection

A multiport fuel injection is a separate injector that goes to every cylinder located where its intake port, that is also known as the port injection. By sending the fuel vapor near towards the intake port will ensure that it is drawn entirely into the cylinder.

Single-Point or Throttle-Body Injection

A single-point injection is known to be of the earlier types of fuel injection and the easiest to use. A single-point injection would take over the usage of a carburettor with one or two fuel-injector nozzles located towards the throttle body, known as the throat of where the engine’s air intake manifold is located. A Throttle-Body injection is better at fuel control than a carburettor and is also cost efficient and the easiest to manage.

Common Signs to have your fuel injection checked

    • Clogged fuel injectors
    • Leaking fuel injectors
    • Dirty fuel injectors