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Steering Suspension Services

The steering suspension is a very important feature for any vehicle which supports the weight of the vehicle itself. It helps allow for the steering to become much smoother when driving. Steering suspension is responsible for ensuring your wheels are firmly intact within the road and helps your vehicle not veer towards one side of the road when driving. This helps mop up road bump forces and dampens spring oscillations which ensures a much better ride and better control of the vehicle.

Types of Suspension Components


Springs come in three different types used for suspension systems that are leaf, torsion, and coil bar. They assemble into several layers of thin metal to maintain the correct spring rate.

Shock Absorbers:

The way shock absorbers work is they use a piston and a cylinder alongside adjustable valves that help control the flow of hydraulic fluid which help place the damping force for both the rebound and retract positions. They are set to retract with a lower force rather than expand.


Links come in several different shaped links that can be used for different kinds of suspension systems for a vehicle. From cast stamped metal shapes, to straight bars to forge that are best suited for supporting the springs, wheels, and shocks on a body structure. A straight bar is the simplest shaped link in which it connects to one wheel towards the other wheel on the other side of the vehicle.

Common Signs to have your steering suspension checked

    • Vehicle feels every bump
    • Vehicle pulls to one side predominantly
    • One corner sits low
    • If your vehicle leans too forward, rolls to the side or squats backwards
    • Steering becomes more difficult
    • Oily shock absorbers