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Wheel balancing Services

Wheel balancing for any vehicle is important as you would want to ensure your car has the correct wheel balance. By having unbalanced wheels will cause for the wheels to wear out prematurely over time and can cause accelerated wear towards your shock absorbers, steering components, and struts, which takes a massive impact on your car’s overall performance and can lead to a significant increase in costs to repair.

Different types of wheel balancing

Static balance

Static balance has been known for many years and is used to help balance wheels for any vehicle. It is known when a wheel’s centre of gravity is balanced with the axis of rotation balance.

Dynamic balance

Dynamic balance is great for dealing with much wider tyres/wheels as you can prevent rotation forces that are on a lateral and a vertical plane when balancing a wheel dynamically.

What are some common wheel balancing problems?

  • Unusual noise
  • Vibration
  • May experience tire wear.
  • Front/Back wheels do not line
  • Imbalance
  • An increase in fuel consumption (costs)