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Transmission Services

Transmission in a vehicle plays an important purpose for any vehicle. It helps control the application of the car’s power from the power transmission system. The transmission will help move power between the wheels and the engine. Once the transmission is disconnected from the engine via the drive wheels, the engine will stay idle once the wheels are still.

Types of Transmissions

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission is a commonly known transmission that does not involve stick shift or clutch, but involves a torque convertor, clutches and planetary gearset that allows the car to shift between gears automatically.

Manual Transmission

Manual transmission (Also known as stick shift) is where the driver uses a movable gear selector and a driver-operated clutch to shift between gears when driving.

Automated manual transmission

Fairly like a manual transmission where an automated manual transmission involves a mechanical clutch but, in this instance, the driver does not control the clutch from the clutch pedal as it is automated via electronic, hydraulic, or pneumatic controls.

Continuously variable transmission

This type of transmission uses pulleys, sensors, and belts to maintain a steady acceleration without having the need to pause between gear changes. A continuously variable transmission (CVT) can increase efficiency and gas mileage.

Common Signs to have your transmission checked

Listed below are some of the common problems that clutches face:

    1. Burning smell
    2. Transmission fluid leak
    3. Car has no power
    4. Transmission will not stay in gear
    5. Delayed shifts between gears
    6. Humming or buzzing noise
    7. Gears grind when shifting (Manual transmissions)