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Electronic Diagnosis (Car diagnostic) Services

A car diagnostic for any car is extremely important as it helps identify any potential issues with the car’s engine, transmission, exhaust, throttle and many more parts of the car when it comes to identifying problems. This all works with all modern vehicles today as they all have sensors, ECU, microchips, and computer processors to help identify those problems much quicker.

Types of Diagnostic Tests

Code readers

Code readers are designed to help identify common car issues and help adjust any of the faults that it can fix. They can check for engine related issues and checks on emissions. Code readers can reset various systems for a vehicle.

OBD Scanners and Readers

OBD Scanners and readers are designed to help identify faults for cars that are OBD2 compatible,  You can use an ELM 327 USB car scanner to connect it to your car and laptop to help identify these issues you may face in your vehicle.

What are some common electronic diagnosis problems you may identify?

    1. Low voltage
    2. Blown fuses
    3. Grounding connections
    4. Battery problems
    5. Charging problems
    6. Faulty Sensors