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The engine, the heart of the car is the most important feature for any vehicle.

Different types of engines

Diesel engine

With a diesel engine, heat is produced from the compressed air and fuel to generate power. Diesel engine has less electrical components and more fuel efficient and creates more torque.

Boxer engine

The boxer engine uses pistons to cross each other towards the crank and away from it which occurs at the same time as each other. It is known as a boxer engine because the movement within the engine’s pistons help establish the movement of a boxer’s fist that fit a horizontal plane.

Straight engine

Straight engine in an all four-cylinder engine is straight and are the easiest to build when it comes to choosing between a V type engine or a boxer engine. These types of engines mean for lower maintenance costs and lower production costs and can also be exceptionally fuel efficient.

V type engine

Has two rows of cylinders that are usually set at a ninety-degree angle towards each other. Some of the benefits with a V type engine is it has great rigidity of the block; length is short and stability.

Common Signs to have your engine checked

    1. Abnormal Engine noise
    2. Smoke from exhaust pipe
    3. lack of power
    4. Engine misfire & shaking
    5. Oil warning light
    6. Oil leakage