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Automotive Exhausts Repair Services


An exhaust is used to remove any dangerous gases from the vehicle to prevent the car running into issues. It comprises of many pieces and pipes which work together to provide a way of removing those dangerous gases, which serves a high importance for each vehicle to have an efficient exhaust system. There are many exhausts to choose that consists of normal vehicles, to high performance vehicles that all come in different builds.

When it comes to exhausts, there are many different types of exhausts that include the following:

Types of Exhausts


Dual Side Exhaust

Dual side exhausts that consist of two pipes that are right next to each other. They operate more efficiently than a single exit pipe which enhances the vehicles performance with high-performance systems.



High performance exhausts are known to be the most expensive out of all the exhausts listed but provides a high number of benefits. They produce a lot more efficient job when it comes to filtering out gasses and increases a vehicles engine performance and car efficiency.


Single exit pipe

Single exit pip exhaust is very common with automotive. These can be located on either truck or cars towards the passenger’s side. The single exit pip exhaust is known to be the cheapest to produce and install, however they are not the most efficient.


Dual rear exit

Dual rear exit exhausts are mainly found on sport cars which make the engine feel more powerful. One massive benefit of a dual rear exit exhaust is it does not bend around the wheels so there is no conflict between the exhaust and wheels. It consists of two exhaust pipes that are found on the opposite sides of the car.

What are some common exhaust problems?

    • Rust – Very common for exhaust to get rusty over time for any vehicle. How rust is built up in an exhaust is water vapor is collected in the exhaust system, which is never hot enough to burn off in time. Overtime this causes the exhaust to rust and wear away much quicker.
    • Vibrations: If you start to hear strange vibrations, or if the vehicle starts shaking from the exhausts there is a sign that your exhaust system will need to be repaired.
    • Loud engine noise: The way to tell of an exhaust leak would be from a loud engine noise. Smell of fumes within the car as the exhaust may have a leak and will need urgent repairing.