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Rego Check Services

Registration checks are used to help determine the vehicles details and its registration status. It can help identify the vehicles history, ensuring the vehicle itself is registered from a previous owner. These registration checks come in two forms, known as pink slip checks and blue slip checks.

Types of Rego Checks:

Pink Slips:

A pink slip provides an inspection report based on wherever the vehicle is safe and ready to go on the roads. An eSafety check is required for vehicles more than 5 years old for NSW.

  • Brake efficiency test
  • Seatbelt condition
  • Engine and driveline fluid leaks
  • Working electrics such as blinkers, dash lights, interior lights and headlights
  • Vehicle body condition
  • Tyre quality checks

Blue slips

A blue slip is a slip a mechanic gives you when an unregistered vehicle can now be classified as safe. This is when all safety guidelines are met and have passed the necessary tests for the vehicle to be considered roadworthy. Part of the blue slip inspections includes an inspection on your vehicles breaks, lights, suspension, seatbelts, tyres and also checks for any potential car leaks. This also includes an identity check, to prove that your car was not previously stolen or for any other records unknown.