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The foundation of Billy’s MotorSports had begun more than two decades ago. To better understand further about its journey, the founder and driver of Billys MotorSports was asked multiple of questions.

Birol Cetin VS Commodore- Chevrolet Comaro
Q. What made you want to race cars or get involved in Motorsports?

During my upbringing and especially during my teenage years, I was always interested in racing and Motorsports. I grew up in an environment surrounded by a lot of racing enthusiasts and cars. My Father was a mechanic which had workshops in Wollongong and in Sydney. As a child, I always enjoyed being around the workshop and I loved the sound of muscle cars and the speed they carry. The engineering side also interested me which made me wanting to experience all this for myself.

Q. How did you do that?

I started my journey, firstly by following my dream of being a Motor Mechanic and commenced apprenticeship in a workshop in Western Sydney.This was the initial foundation of building Billy’s Automotive Services, and Billy’s MotorSports.

Q. What year did you start racing and which car did you have in your first race?

My first professional circuit racing was in late 2011 in a Spaceframe Toyota Supra.

Q. Which track was your first race, and which track today is your favorite track in Australia?

First professional race was at Eastern Creek which is now known as Sydney Motorsport Park. My Favorite track is Sydney Motorsport Park.

Q. Tell us more about your journey over the years and type of Cars and categories that you have competed in?

It started off with buying my first LJ Torana which led me to doing some Drag Racing. A little while after I bought a Mitsubishi Cordia turbo which I learned quickly how to do modifications to give me the edgeto help me with my drag racing. When I finished my apprenticeship as a mechanic I bought my first VS Clubsport and turned more towards circuit racing.
With the VS Clubsport which was also my weekend car, I did a lot of modifications and then decided to convert it into a full race car.
The VS Clubsport only ever competed in supersprint which I won the 2008 supersprint championship and by this time I had my own business and my interest went to wanting to compete in professional racing.
After racing in 2013 and doing a lot of developments on the Camaro we just missed out on winning the championship. In 2014 it was the first championship we won and 2016 we won the NSW Championship and club championship.
2017 we decided to compete in National and State championship which we ended up winning both that also put us in the history books as being the first and only person/team to win both in the same year. This was also our first National season which was our biggest achievement. From there on we have been continuing to compete in National series and State rounds.

Q. What Category are you racing in 2020 and when did you start competing in this category?

We were supposed to compete in the Australian National Sport Sedans category however due to Covid 19 and the restrictions with borders being closed we were unable to compete in 2020. I started competing in this category in 2017.

Birol Cetin VS Commodore - Suat (Steve) Kilic Vk Commodore -.jpg
Birol Cetin VS Commodore- Suat (Steve) Kilic Vk Commodore -
Birol Cetin- Bathurst 1st
Q. Can you please tell us more about the car, engine, horse power/ kilowatts? What was the top speed, 0-100 how many seconds,
  • Chassis: Spaceframe tube chassis
  • Engine: Nascar SB2.2 fuel injected
  • Gearbox: Hollinger Sequential 6 speed
  • Differential: 9 Inch Independent
  • Suspension: Independent suspension front and rear.
  • Horsepower: 800 HP
  • Brakes: AP Brakes front and rear.
  • Top Speed: At Bathurst it has clocked 300km
Q. How many times did you win in this car and category?

We Won 39 times in the Chev Camaro. This number includes both State and National race wins. Also this is the link that shows my driver profile; https://www.driverdb.com/drivers/birol-cetin/

Q. Tell us a bit about your crew.

We have a crew of 4 excluding the driver, these guys being John Gallen, Hakan Cetin, Baris Cetin and Ertan Karakis.

John Gallen: is employed by Billy’s Motorsport and Automotive services and has been with us for many years. His duty is to prepare the car.
Hakan Cetin: is also employed by Billy’s Motorsport and Automotive services and is the son of Birol Cetin (Driver and owner). His duties are to be on the radio while the driver is out on the track. He also assists on preparing the car.
Baris Cetin: is a race team member of Billy’s Motorsports and his duty is to look after the media and camera work. Baris being the younger brother, he gets spoilt around the track a little too much.
Ertan Karakis: is a race team member of Billy’s Motorsports and he is the Panel Beater and part time chef keeping the team full with nutrition and keeping them energized.

Q. What was your most memorable moment and why?

Winning the 2017 Championship as it was our first time competing in this category and winning it on the first year. Also winning the State Championship in the same year and being the one and only team to win both in the same year.

OranPark Birol Cetin VS Commodore- Suat (Steve) Kilic Vk Commodore -
PRO IT-Billys MotorSports Bathurst 1000 Finish Line